The Suniland Press Story

Our CompanyIn 1972, Allan Rood and his wife Florence purchased a small, friendly neighborhood print shop in South Miami occupying less than 3,000 sq. feet. Already an experienced printer from his years in the highly competitive New York print industry, Allan knew he had to differentiate himself from his larger, more established competitors in South Florida.

With a dedication to quality and customer service, Allan worked long hours—Florence at his side—to consistently turn out high quality work on time and on budget. Even though they hired only the best people to work for them, no detail escaped the Roods. They worked beside their pressmen late into the night to make sure that each job was ‘Suniland quality.’

They were Suniland Press.

By 1996, the Rood’s son, Peter, realized the growth of print technology that allowed them to greatly expand Suniland’s client base—while maintaining quality and customer service—also called for a significant expansion of Suniland’s physical plant. Even though Suniland had consistently grown to 24,000 square feet, the old ‘digs’ just wouldn’t do anymore.

In January 2003, Suniland Press relocated to a 65,000 square-foot printing facility offering up-to-the-minute technology and a wide variety of print solutions to a growing list of national and international clients while still emphasizing quality and customer service.

After all, that’s the way Allan and Florence would want it.